SEAL KING is a global industrial tape manufacturer who have produced innovative technical tapes of outstanding quality since the 1980’s and operate from factories in Taiwan and China. Seal King’s innovation, research, and second-to-none QA and environmental systems certified by SGS to ISO9001 and 14001 standards, have set new benchmarks in numerous industries.

SEAL KING UK is a trading name of SK Direct (SKD), which was formed in 2005, however our history of providing SEAL KING products to UK and European markets goes back much further. Since starting as a sole supplier of SEAL KING materials to trade and converters, we have evolved into a capable producer of all kinds of technical self-adhesive solutions which are supplied to UK and international markets.

Bag Sealing Tapes

Resealable & Permanent Bag Tapes. Spools and Bobbins

Security Tape & Labels

Tamper Evident. Premium VOID Label materials, Labels and Tapes.

Transfer Tapes

Acrylic transfer tapes for electronics and graphics

Double-Coated Tapes

With different backing and adhesive materials, our d/s tapes provide excellent performance for industrial purposes

Foam Tapes

SEAL KING Foam Tapes are widely used for high demanding applications like automobile accessories and signage.

Tissue Tapes

Acrylic high performance adhesive on non-woven carrier. Best suited to flexible materials like foam, rubber and board.


It’s an ideal balance of global manufacturing expertise with friendly, local service. Materials are produced at SEAL KING’s Taiwan or China factories and shipped to our UK warehouse mostly in ‘jumbo’ format. Here we convert to spools (or bobbins), die-cut shapes, slit rolls and plain or printed (security) labels. Master reels or log rolls are still available for those who have their own conversion facilities.


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