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Trust the experts for slitting adhesive tape

Not every job requires the same size. Slitting tape to specific sizes may be the way forward. Using two state-of-the-art lathe-slitters we can slit tape to any width in small or large quantity.

SK Direct are experts in conversion and slitting of technical adhesive tape. So, first of all we are able to provide a wide range of materials that offer outstanding performance and reliability, and a consistent bond that you can trust. For example, our range of tapes include:

  • Single and double-sided tapes
  • Foam tapes
  • Acrylic foam tapes (VHB)
  • Security and tamper-evident tapes and labels.

Secondly we can process the materials through various stages to create unique shapes and sizes in roll format or individual pieces.

slit rolls, technical tape ANY width

Our materials and equipment allow us to be flexible in design and precise in execution. The slitters can be set to any width, or various widths throughout a log roll. This means we can slit accurately from as little as one roll per size. These machines are very flexible, slitting anything from single- and double-sided foam tapes to filmic, VHB and paper.

Please give us a call on 01543 277 849. For more information, to request a free sample to try before you buy, or to discuss your particular tape requirements. Or email us at, or complete your details on our contact form.

Slitting adhesive tape

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